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Surabaya  Alat Ukur Ketebalan Coating Thickness Gauge Nicety CM8806FN
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Alat Ukur Ketebalan

Coating Thickness Gauge Nicety CM8806FN

Alat ukur ketebalan cat atau coating dari brand Nicety
Mudah dipakai. Bisa mendeteksi secara otomatis base material Ferrous atau Non Ferrous.
Ferrous adalah metal magnetik seperti besi, baja, dll
Non Ferrous adalah metal non magnetik seperti aluminium, aloy, dll.
Mendapatkan calibration set untuk kalibrasi untuk menjaga akurasi

The LCD Digital Coating Thickness Gauge Tester is a combination gauge with two sensors, one for magnetic metals and one for non-magnetic metals. The gauge will automatically switch to the right sensor. It can be used to measure the thickness of protective coatings or paints on machine parts, buildings or materials.
F-PROBE: Magnetic induction: Can measure the thickness of Non-magnetic coating layers On magnetic substrate. Such as: (aluminum, chrome, copper, enamel, rubber, paint) on magnetic substrate (steel, iron, alloy and magnetic stainless steel).
N-PROBE: Eddy current: Can measure the thickness of nonconductive coating layers covered on nonferrous substrate. Such as : ( enamel, rubber, paint, vanish, plastic anodic-oxide layer) covered on nonferrous substrate (aluminum, brass, zinc, tin and nonmagnetic stainless steel).
Large and clear TFT Screen(160x128TFT)
Ferrous or Non Ferrous
Metric/imperial system selectable, Auto power off.
Single/Continue measurement selectable
Flip display, Easy Reading at any condition and angle
99 data memory
Simultaneously displays 5 readings
Measuring Reading, Average Reading, Max Reading, Min Reading and Standard Deviation.
Low battery indication
Range: 0-1250um; M, 0-50mil
Principle: F type-magnetic induction, NF type-eddy current
Resolution: 1um /0.1mils
Accuracy: +/-(3%+2um) or+/-(3%+0.1mils)
Modes: Single & Continuous
Power supply: 2xAAA 1.5V batteries (not included)
Packing: Spectacle case, Bandbox
Dimensions: 100x52x29mm
Weight: 68g
Operation Temperature: 0~50C
Isi Paket:
1xCoating thickness
1xCalibration film set
2xSubstrate blocks (Fe & Non Fe)


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