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Surabaya Light Meter-UV Meter Pocket Size Product Code: UVM

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21 Sep 2021
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Spesifikasi Surabaya Light Meter-UV Meter Pocket Size Product Code: UVM

Light Meter-UV Meter Pocket Size - Ukur kadar sinar ultraviolet
Product Code: UVM

PRODUK: UV Meter Pocket Size
Alat pengukur kadar sinar ultraviolet UV-A/B/C
Monitor dan lindungi kulit anda dari sinar UV
Essential when going to the beach or snow.
Sensible when spending long periods of time doing outdoor activities.
Protect yourself from the harmful UV rays from the sun.
You may know that the Sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause skin aging, sunburn, and skin cancer. Unfortunately, your eyes can not easily determine the intensity of UV radiation especially on cloudy and snowy days. UV Detector Sunmate can alert you when the UV intensity exceeds dangerous limits so you can apply proper steps to protect your skin and eyes.
About UV light from the sun.
Solar UV rays make up part of the photonic spectrum of light. The ultraviolet region ranges from 10nm to 400nm and can be further divided into UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UV-A rays range from 320nm to 400nm, UV-B rays range from 280nm to 320nm, and UV-C radiation has wavelengths less than 280nm.
UV-A is linked to sunburn, accelerated skin aging, and damage to DNA. UV-B also causes sunburn and is related to snow blindness, skin cancer, and immune system suppression. UV-C is extremely dangerous to plants and animals. However, it is absorbed by the ozone layer and does not reach the ground unless the ozone layer is destroyed.
Protect yourself from skin cancer and blindness.
SunMate alerts you to possible over-exposure to ultraviolet rays from the Sun.
SunMate Is easy to use and understand - no technical background required! Simply press the white button located at the top of the monitor to take a reading.
LED indicators light up between 1 and 5 depending upon the intensity of the UV light. You are then able to use a cross reference chart that comes with SunMate to compare the SunMate indicator level to the Ultraviolet Index Scale.

Dimension: 6.5*4.8*2.0cm
Weight: 0.1 kg

Package Content:
1xSUNMATE Ultraviolet UV Level Detector Meter Monitor


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