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Surabaya  Refractometer Protein 0-12g & Urine 1.000-1.050sg
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Refractometer Protein 0-12g & Urine 1.000-1.050sg

Refraktometer ini mengukur kadar serum protein, urine gravity, dan refractive index dari cairan. Ideal untuk vetenerarian, dokter, lab testing dll.

Clinical refractometer for Urine Specific Gravity Serum Protein
For veternarian and human use, this refractometer provides a quick and accurate indication of vital fluid levels. The triple scale that gives Urine Specific Gravity(SG), Total Serum Protein (SP) and Refractive Index (RI) and ATC which automatically adjust itself to correct temperature discrepancies during use.
Manufacturer Specification:
Measurement range:
0~12g/dl serum protein
1.000~1.050sg urine gravity
1.3330~1.3600ND refractive index
Minimum Division:
0.2g/dl serum protein
0.0002sg urine gravity
0.0005ND refractive index
size:(mm): 30*40*170 mm
weight(g): 215 gram
Automatic Temperature Compensation:0-30℃

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